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alt=aboIn the area SUBSCRIPTION we provide paid subscriptions for tools and dataservices.
We offer these services for different subscription-levels, which differ concerning:
  • platform
  • products and functions (strategies, indicators)
  • instruments
  • subscription-period
    (attractive discount for longer subscriptions)



supported platform: jForex/Dukascopy - more are planned
subscription-levels: FREE - ENTRY - BASIC - ADVANCED
supported instruments: EURUSD - MAJORS(4) - more are planned
subscription periods (days) 30 - 90 - 360
payment PayPal
renewal: automatically (except FREE) as long as payment is made
termination you can cancle the further payments for the subscription on your PayPal-account anytime.
As no further payments are made, the subscription will end with the end of the current subscription period.
included products and functions For details please refer to the Features-Matrix of the platform.



At the moment the tools and dataservices support the tradingplatform JForex/Dukascopy.

  • TT4Y_fxLevelLines: ls implented as an JForex-Strategy
    (fast, efficient use with minimal configuration effort for you).
    With a key-stroke you can show or hide the lines.
  • TT4Y_TimeBoxes: implemented as an indicator


We offer our services for the following "subscription-levels", therefor each trader can choose his appropriate features:

  • FREE = try it for free (free subscription, download, installation, handling, use a few functions)
  • ENTRY = try it for a very cheap price, with reduced functions
  • BASIC = suitable functions for traders who don't need  the pricelevels provided from PL_fxStopHunting and from PL_NEURO.
  • ADVANCED = extended functions (including PL_fxStopHunting, PL_NEURO and more settings for the PL_TimeBoxes)

For details please refer to the Features-Matrix of the plattform.



Payment is made by PayPal.

Start of the subscription

The subscripton starts upon receipt of payment and ends according to the subscription period after 30, 90 oder 360 (1 year) days.


The subscriptions are renewed automatically (except the FREE-Version), as long as payment is made on time through PayPal.


If you no longer wish to renew the subscription, you can cancel the subscripton at any time at PayPal, so that the next payment no longer occurs.

You will receive an e-mail before the current subscription expires and is renewed with the next payment.


You can extend an existing subscription anytime. If you are already subscribed to this subscription, then the new subscription is treated as an extension of the existing subscription. Therefore, you should not have the same, time-overlapping subscription. This is only relevant for the subscription-level "FREE" (not automatically extended)..

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Contact Information

Mag. Karlheinz Mungenast
Ueberbergweg 16d
A-6091 Goetzens / Austria

0043 720 60 11 28

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