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Platform: jForex/Dukascopy
Type: Oscillator
Indicator: Fisher Transform
Function: Colored line, with or without signalline, as histogram, with 3 level lines
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Indicator: Fisher Transform

Platform: JForex/Dukascopy
Type: Oszillator
Indicator Fisher Transform
Function: preconfigured indicator
  as a line either with or without signal line, or
  as a histogram
  with 3 level lines


Ehler’s Fisher Transform is probably one of the least lagging crossover indicators available to trader.

It is “based on the assumption that prices do not have a Gaussian probability density function (PDF) (bell-shaped curve movement), but that by normalizing price and applying the Fisher Transform you could create a nearly Gaussian PDF”.

The crossover signal within a trend is often near the zero line but most importantly a crossover occurs within 4 or so bars of the lows. As additional levels you can use +1 and -1.

The Fisher Transform is an interessting indicator for those who like to jump on a trend early. This allows you to keep your stops close by and a got risk-reward ratio.



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Installation for JForex

You should save the downloaded JForex files in a directory that you can easily access.
This is usally the JForex path for indicators, which will be displayed under "tools/preferences/advanced".

jforex preferences

Please note that this path is stored in the respective JForex workspace.

Afterwards you can place our indicators as a custom indicator in your JForex charts.



TT4Y DC FisherTransform V1 config


Performance tip: activate "Recalculate on new candle only" (= default setting of the indicator).

Sample for a possible configuration:

  • 10 periods = default periode used by Ehler

Tip: you can hide the signal line, as jForex supports different colors for rising and falling lines.




Sample FT TEXT


Sample FT TEXT

signal line

Sample FT TEXT

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